Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have decided that weekly I am going to do a review on various books I find at the library and or bookstores.

There are so many, and they almost all intrigue me. I will give a quick over-view, a less of detail example and a +Plus or -Minus on the rating. The various books I review will include crafts of all sorts, collage, painting, drawing, decorating etc.


FRESH IDEAS IN DECOUPAGE by Colette George +Plus
This is an updated decoupage book written in 2005. Not one of those hokey decoupage books, updated with some new collage ideas making your own plaques, boxes, containers with collage and mixed media techniques. One being that you can stain your wax using a foam brush. Pretty impressed and did learn a couple of ideas like the one I just included 25 projects. Make your art look grungy and shabby chic, using crackle, spray paint, cheap acrylic paints, napkins and papers, wax and stamps.
Perhaps some artists will know these techniques, but like I said, I learned a couple new ones along with product names and great for the beginner who has never decoupaged.

by Janice Epner

Can you tell I love this book with the ++. So many ideas that I can do in my house. Most decorating books and magazines just don't cut it for my little house.
My house was built in 1900, boxy square shape with a living room added by a previous owner 12 or so years ago. This room has the entrance door where I would not put it. The stairway and hallway to lead upstairs is narrow but this book still gave me ideas for nooks and also it helped me with ideas for my studio space.

Check it out. I am going to buy one. copyright 2005, by Hearsty Books out of New York Also, eye candy!

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