Thursday, June 9, 2011

Needs Work Chandelier

I liked black for the longest time in my home. An accent here, an accent there, then I decided the other day to do the chandelier over It is dusty, the grape vine wreaths on it are falling apart, brittle and disgusting, so I took it outside, washed it off, took off the grapevine wreaths and gave it a spray paint coat of white. As my children would say "What else would you have painted it, everything is white lately"! Then, I found some flowers I have hanging on my bed that are beautiful but I needed the for the chandelier. So I took them down, rinsed the dust off (yes, silk flowers can be washed) and then placed then in our nearly 90 degree weather to dry in five minutes and then intertwined then in between the spokes (I don't know what they are called) on the chandelier. I will then hang some crystals and possibly clear or silver baubles or christmas balls from it. It may be too much so I will try it and see and send pictures soon. Need to recharge my camera batteryl.

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