Friday, June 24, 2011

Cute little ladder decorated

I have been redoing my living room. It needed paint so bad, and the floor needed to be clean from the soot that comes from the pellet stove in the winter. Removed the huge rug, threw it out actually; just didn't want to deal with cleaning it and it would be expensive because it was wool. Washed the whole living room floor with tiles; (didn't do the grout which will eventually need it). And moved the living room around, taking the L shaped couch and separating, placing one piece up against the wall and moving the portable fireplace. I put a
table that I had in my hallway behind the couch and set up various vignettes on it and around it.

My husband loves it and said it looks so different and everything looks new. He knew that we had no money so that I used what I had. I began to tell him a little bit about each piece and where it was before because I don't think he saw some of the items before. Funny how we women know every nook and cranny and our men sometimes are not aware because they work so hard and are out of the house.

Stay tuned for more!

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