Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garden Seed Harvesting Time

 I love harvesting seeds almost as much as I love planting them because I know I will have heirlooms, and I don't have to buy as many seeds next year and I can share yea!

This was supposed to be a video and it is not working, but I think it is kind of cool that it looks almost like a slide show in its own way.

Take brown bags you buy at the Dollart store, and go out, cut the plants down to the ground, and stick the stems upside down in the bag, use an elastic band or twine and close the bag so it is tight and the seeds will stay in the bag.  You can also just pull the flower head off and throw that into the bag to save space and then  ut the bags in a shoe box and store in a closet for the winter.  Don't forget to label the bag or just write on it with a marker or pen what the plant is.  I don't care how good you are, good chance you will forget which plant is in which bag.  I have an idea....When you plant your seeds, take the envelope from the seeds and keep them, then in the fall, put those seeds in the envelope and you will save room from the size of the brown paper bags.  Use white envelopes instead of paper bags, use zip lock bags, make envelopes out of pieces of paper and just fold in half and staple, be creative with any idea you have to make a sealed enclosure.

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