Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rusty Fall Mantel/Mantle

I have alot of rust i my house, on my mantle, in the opening of the fireplace,, parts of the coffee table which is a train cart is rusty (havn't done a thing to it yet), scales of different sizes and sorts that have rust...I wonder what rust means to me?....I would think it would mean old, falling apart, corroded, bad for your health if you cut yourself with it...and yet, I love how it looks as a texture, and color...

 Here is the train cart.  MMMM...should I paint it, sand and stain, leave it...I have asked myself for over two months now, I think I may paint the slats different colors and then sand them good so hints of color show, and maybe paint the iron parts a silver/black and not just a hard black.  I also thought of painting the table white with black hardware and then maybe stencilling it with french script on the top.  Perhaps a turquoise kind of robin egg blue with stenciling it on the sides with some sort of train cart company name that I have to investigate what it looked like.

How do you like the lockers?  My hubby ran over a can of paint and it splattered the lockers.  It looks like an art piece-a deco piece.  Oh well, now I have to sand the paint off, do some rust work and then paint.  I think I am going to paint them aqua
No maybe RED
maybe yellow?:O)

If anyone wants to buy the lockers, or scales, just write, I am willing to sell

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