Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Decorating

This fall decorating season, I decided to color my living room with black, and orange, keeping to an ocean theme, old world look, and added black and orange pumpkins to my decor, little pumpkin and goard men intermingled the regular decorations.  I just didn't want to put away my new decorations, so decided to just add into them.  I may do the same for Christmas where I will keep it simple and just add greens and berries over frames and on the mantle.
If you are going through things in your life, and don't have the time or the same season you have in the past where you took everything down, and redid every spot in the house, just impliment the fall colors:  beige, tan, cream, off white, peach, orange, black, grey, reds, purple, gold, and silver.

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