Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW at Stamping Ground

I found out about this great daybew at Stamping Ground and heard about it from Kylie Fowler at Blissful Pumpkin. Daybew is a funny word, and I didn't know how to spell it:) Many people have signed up to show what their desk in their art studio looks like when they are working hard at their creativity. So I thought, "Why not"! My pictures are from cleaning up though. I am artist of the month for Artbundance. I am becoming a life coach at Artellaland and I use art and writing with my clients. So when I was asked to be the artist of the month for November, I was so excited. So I did a cleanup job just for the pictures. My room is quite small I'd say 12x12 or so, but I have two huge doorways that enter into the kitchen and the other into the dining room. My house is a small what they called "colonial" on the closing papers. I think it is a cape, but it was built in 1900 and is nothing fancy, very plain with small windows. I need to keep up a small curtain or a sheer, so I have up lace right now and painted my oak cabinet a shabby chic white to brighten up the room. I also have a growth light next to my plants which gives a nice feel to the room of life and greenery, knowing that winter is coming, and having the bright light, along with my other lights at my desk, make a room feel a bit more welcoming.
I have been trying to incorporate sewing into my collage, so I figured I would put out my little vintage sewing machine that should not go to waste in its case, but be displayed as a hard working machine. I need alot of light. Not that I am that old yet, but my glasses broke, so I have to wear cheapies from the Dollar Store and I can't see well, so I have two lights, one cute little pink one and then one that has a magnifier on it also. The pieces on my desk/table are pieces I am working on or have finished.


  1. Hi there, lovely to see a new face! Or desk, I should really say. I love your cards, they look gorgeous. The glittery lady is very different and the vintage collage is ace. Lovely tidy desk- wait till you see some of the others, lol. Have a great week, Shaz #86

  2. I see a geranium in your grouping of plants -- they do so well indoors in the winter and it's so cheery to have something blooming. I like your glittery card! Happy WOYWW woefully late from Laura #148 [Just FYI, it works best -- for the future -- if you link directly to your WOYWW post. If you post to your main page, some people might not search for the right post.]