Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Knitted Heart dish rag

Cute little knitted heart dish rag.  It is made out of 100 percent cotton yarn.
It took two nights to make.  It shouldn't have though, but for some reason even though I count and cross off rows on the pattern, I still sometimes make mistakes or just don't get the pattern.  I spent four hours knitting a round dish rag the other night, and gave up.  When I read the pattern, it looks easy to me, but it just does not come out, so I wonder if it is written wrong, or what on earth I am misunderstanding.
I know that these knitted pieces take a long time, and I could buy one for cheaper at the Dollar Tree, but it is the satisfaction of making something, having my hands not be idle, and they work really well washing dishes.  I made one for a friend years ago, and she said she loved it so much, she even hand sewed it when it was wearing out.
So if you see them at yard sales, or at the Salvation Army, and they have not been used and just donated, buy them and use them.  Wrap a bar of soap I  one with a ribbon and give as a gift.

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