Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cinnamon Gingerbread

When you are reading this blog, please put your cursor on the image and press your left button on your computer. You will see several images of my gingerbread and items you will need to make them. On the recipe card, there are two recipes, one on the left and one on the right. I made the one on the right. I thought I would have a chance to make the other one but I didn't. I am always curious which recipes work better than others.
Your hands can get quite cinnamony when you are working with rolling the dough out to make your cinnamon ornaments. I have included the handwritten recipe for you to see that I have included with my Christmas cookie recipes. If you want to make alot of gingerbread, and larger ones than you see that I made, you will need at least 3 containers of cinnamon. But what is nice is you can buy it at the Dollar Tree. You can also buy your apple sauce at the Dollar Tree and don't be afraid to buy the strawberry kind if that is all they have. The dough still comes out. I let my gingerbread dry naturally rather than the oven. After they dry, you can always sprinkle them with more cinnamon. Ideas to do with the gingerbread or other shaped ornaments: Make a garland Make ornaments for the tree Make ornaments for your wreaths Put into home-made potpourri Put into a wooden bowl with some greens Put into a nice pewter or silver bowl with greens Make large ginger bread and line up on your mantle Put on a gift with a bow Place them in your bathroom in a decorative container to add a pleasant smell Don't eat them!

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