Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Cookies

I have made I think 14 types of Christmas cookies this year. I have two more to go and a ton more I would love to make that I thought I would have the time. These are capaccino flats which are a favorite of my family. They have instant coffee in them. The others are a sugar/butter cookie from my daughter in laws parents whose dad was a baker. So the recipe and frosting are from them. I was excited to create a cookie that her dad made for years. I will post the others as I get more pictures. This year I did things a bit different. Usually I will make a recipe, let the cookies cool and then frost them. This year, I just kept making them, and frosted them with all their fabulous types of frostings and drizzles today. One frosting was cream cheese, butter, milk and lemon juice. Another was melted semi sweet chocolate chips and a bit of crisco. Another was confectioners sugar, milk, and almond extract. Tomorrow I will do my peanut butter balls and then I will have made: apricot chews, potatoe chip cookies, a pepper German cookie, a lemon cookie with lemon cream cheese frosting, apricot jam twists, boysenberry pastries, toffee and cranberry cookies, soft mollasses, chocolate macadamian, and I just know I am missing a couple of others. Oh well, next time!

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