Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shabby Chic Folk Art Christmas Trees

Well I really did it this time. I wanted to do something different with the little inexpensive Christmas trees and I wanted them to look like folk art. After browsing many recipes to find out what I would like to do, I made the darkest coffee recipe I could with instant coffee and hot water. The tree soaked up the color alot as you can see. I mixed the coffee with cinammon, vanilla and nutmeg. I rubbed that on the tree too. Don't go crazy like I did if you don't want them as dark. Then the combo of putting the tree in a vintage bottle with white snow and a white candle on top with the silver garland brought it from the folk period to the shabby period. I want to try cool aid also, and time is running out with all the things I have to make. I also love just spraying the trees with glue, and then adding glitter. I may make some of those for my mom's gift.

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