Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cigar and Collage

Well, when I think of cigars, I think of 1800 pictures of men, sitting together, chatting and smoking. I think of my dad, when he would take me to Bergwall Pharmacy in Worcester Mass in the 1960's, and have me sit on one of those swirly stools in front of a soda fountain, and wait for him to do a few errands (at that time, a man could help the pharmacist without having a degree in pharmacy), and I would spin and spin on my stool, suck on a cherry lollipop, wait and watch my dad, and wait and wait, like a little girl of 3 years old. Surround me would be lawyers and judges from the courthouse, smoking their huge stinky stogies. So, I did just that, added an antique image of men, sitting together, as I visualized them waiting for their picture to be taken, and then brake up to step outside or sitting on a chair in a lounge, smoking their cigar. I used encaustic wax, many layers of vintage papers, acrylic paint, grungy colored inks, watercolor pastels, graphite and charcoal. The owner of the cigar shop loved this one the best. I like the one below with the bubbles.


  1. Crystal, this is lovely, not yet worked with wax. It brought back memories of my dad smoking cigars when I was a little girl, hope you are well! Amanda