Friday, August 17, 2012

Lightening and vacation

Our first day of vacation....our house struck by lightening, along with two of our children. One child went to the emergency award and the other was ok even though he was flung across his room and the room is on the other side of our home. A friend of my sons just left the house, stepped out on the small set of stairs we have, he came running in, needing a hug. I said to him "honey, whether you believe or not, I am going to tell you, God protected you". Our water was affected, our house was melted in one corner, and we lost various articles in the home. Now when there is a storm, we have a little unsettleness, but I need to trust my Lord because he did protect us and at least we were able to have our daughter checked out to make sure her heart was ok.

Believe me, if there is lightening and a storm, please do not stand near a window, do not go to turn off something while it is in the process of lightening.

In the other photos, you will see that a neighbor lost a tree and the men were there very quickly to get it out of the road. They that lost their tree and our house were the only houses affected as almost there was some sort of special storm, tornadoe, whirlwind that just hit our homes. So greatful to be safe. We did get to go somewhere the following day.

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