Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art Jobs

I have a BFA from the early 1980's. I have done various small jobs since-graphics jobs, restoring nativity statues for a church restorer, have taught children of all ages in my home how to draw. I have private tutored a student who was going to college to draw in her home. Always seeking different opportunities to use my talents to earn income or to just plain enjoy myself.

I have been taking a class by Motley Soul in drawing portraits and faces. The more I practice, the better it is getting. It is hard to believe there is so math and measuring in the face.

I am preparing to do collage and paintings for a hookah lounge/cigar shop and I met a gal who owns her own business selling whitty type of art and artsy fartsy stuff.
She and I are going to get together and pull our imaginations together. She collects junk and so do I so we are going to see what we can make. The items will be on consignment, but it is a step in an awesome direction. A bit of new technique added to my collages-encaustic!

I found on craigslist a place near by giving away all kinds of stuff. So off I went with my daughter today and picked up an old chest and small cabinet. I found a statue that has a broken hand which I can mend of a seaman/captain which is ironic that for the fall I am decorating my living room with an old world look sea theme. There was also an old clock that is not working with all the clock pieces in it. It is so pretty. I don't know if it can be fixed or if I will use it for my class in Artbundance for "Creating Time" with Marney. I will be posting pictures so stand by.

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