Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Covered Bridge in Maine

I have always wanted to do a google search of all covered bridges in New England, and on our day off which is Mondays, just travel to the various states, and photograph the bridges. The weather from the winter I have heard is hurting the bridges.

When I visited this bridge, I just thought about what it would be like riding a horse and buggy over it, with my long to the floor skirt and high necked white blouse, hair in a bun, perhaps a wrap around my shoulders and listening to the hoof beats of the horse pulling my buggy.

The patterns in the wood were awesome, calling me to ponder what I could create that would mimic this weaving pattern.

The day I took these photos was a day of excruciating heat and the bridge just created a coolness that I did not want to leave. The image in the background was my husband walking towards me to say we needed to go. That was disappointing news.

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