Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy with contests, collage and photography

Last week on Monday, I spent time just taking photos. During the week, I worked on a collage for a contest with a wonderful company in Sweden. I so want to win, so I really worked on this collage, very different collage then what I am used to, and I am working on a prayer journal. I have missed about 6 day son the journal though. I can't seem to get my printer working, so I can't print out the scriptures for the journal so that I can just paste them into the journal and then keep them there for when I am ready to paint. I learned how to sprout seeds on youtube, looked up how to purify water cheaply, went shopping for groceries to make my sons Birthday desert; a trifle and parfait which he ended up making anyway. Here are some shots of last weeks business. I also attended a work shop for Golden in Gloucester and I went away home with a few free Golden products. I am also trying to learn how to put up photos of my canning jars for a post on a junk site.


  1. Crystal, have you heard yet about your submission, praying for you! Definitely a busy bee! Youtube can be a great resource how are the sprouts coming on? Blessings, Amanda

    1. Hey Amanda,
      I didn't hear anything so I don't think I was entered in. I wonder how many do enter. I would have loved to win, but you know what, doing these types of things push you on and really make you do things a bit different.
      What do you like to do for art?