Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Wise Woman Builds Her House


I truly believe that a wise woman does all that she can to build her home: that would mean:

1. How your relationship with the Lord is: do you read the word, do studies, read others writings on spiritual matters, attend church, give to the widow and orphan...
2. Do you treat your husband well, with kindness and love and RESPECT
3. How is your relationship with your children: do you pray for them most importantly
4. Do you cook meals or at least prepare something nutritious, clean your home, spend money wisely, decorate...
5. Invite people over for fellowship with your family
6. Do not gossip about your husband and children
7 Speak well about being a wife and mother/grandmother

This is why I love making crafts, cooking, even things my husband likes, as you will see below: giblets from the turkey, making snow people out of the ephemera and craft supplies I decorate my home, to sell and to give away as gifts.

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