Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art Making Collections and Obsessions-in other words JUNK and Rust and Metal

Written by Lynn Perrell, Art Making collections and Obsessions seemed like the title of a book I would want to read.

I am an artist that loves junk and you can tell by my art studio room. Do you have so much stuff that you just can't seem to make your room look nice, or pretty. Good thing I like shabby chic because that pulls together a few basic colors in the room.

This book has a review of a rating of five stars *****. Why? It is composed of 3D work and 35 artists. The artists are quoted and their favorite artists are quoted showing large photos of finished work aspirations. How to's are not provided, but there are enough photos to give you great descriptions of how a piece was collected and put together, especially if you are already familiar with this style of work.

When you read and study the pictures, you get many of your own ideas of how to collect certain objects you like and desire to collect.

Unimagineable items that artists collect inspire the reader to perhaps do the same.

"The impression I get from most artists is that collecting is one enjoyment, using it in a piece is another" quote from the book.

I think that is why I have so much stuff because I love the items alone by themselves but know I bought them or picked them up for free with a purpose. Every once in awhile, I need to weed through everything, and give some away and get rid of alot.

So, take a peek at the book and notice that it is a keeper!

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  1. Hi Crystal-

    I tried sending you an email with the answer to your question about the size of my studioffice. It comes back to me as I think you have your e-mail spelled wrong.

    My room is 13' - 0" x 13' - 6" I have everything against the walls except the work table in the middle. I recently took down the inspiration board on the wall and the extra dress form and old desk top computers I had in the corner. It feels more spacious now.

    Send me a photo of your room and I will see what I can come up with.

    My best- Diane