Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wardrobe Remix

Being a christian mom, my concern is always to be modest around my children especially my boys, and also caring about how I look around others.

No, the outside is not so important to the Lord as the inside. But what is in the inside sometimes comes out on the outside. You may be a little unsure of your style, or confused about what to wear. Society is always telling us what we should be wearing. Magazines on the counters of every store, bill boards, movies, tv, online advertisements.

I was in a size 3 two years ago. I could have worn a gunny sack on my body I was so thin. I am now much healthier and have gained quite a bit of weight and I look very different. So I have to take that into account. I still shop with that size 3 in mind, get to the dressing room and think, "oh boy" what am I thinking". So my ideas have changed.

Finding the site "wardrobe remix" was so fun for me. I found it a couple of years ago and started blogging down the outfits I liked. Yes, they may be different than what you pick, and perhaps I would not wear all of the outfits I blogged, but there was something about each that I liked. Some, it was the color combinations. Others, it was the style.

Being a christian, I prayed that the Lord would keep showing me how he would like me to dress. The Lord knows my style. He knows me through and through. I love large earrings, pocketbooks to match. Color and texture and the over-all look matter to me. I do not get over dressed everyday, but I like to have outfits picked, put together and set on the side for church and casual days. I also like to have some special outfits for Mondays when my husband and I go out for a date.

Take a look at wardrobe remix and get inspired!

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