Saturday, June 19, 2010


,For years now, I have wondered how rose water was made. It seems to me that I had read that vodka was needed to make it and I guess that is why I never did or never found the time to do so.
My roses are now in bloom-various colors: pink, hot pink, red, fuschia and all the colors in between. So, with the fan on, and a home-made pina colada (fresh pineapple, pineapple juice and coconut milk and plenty of ice, chop up in blender), I decided to research on Bing "How do I make rose water. Rose water is very good for your face and is like a tonic or freshner for your face. I have a Lebanese friend that uses rose water in her baklava.
It is so eassssssssy to make and there are plenty of directions.

Take one cup of rose petals
(about 2-3 roses)
Rinse them first to get bugs or dirt off of them
Place them in a pirex bowl
Pour 2 cups of distilled boiling water over them
Cover the bowl with a plate
Let liquid cool
Strain the petals out
Pour water into a sterile jar with cover and refrigerate

*1 part vodka, rubbing alcohol or witchhazel to 10 parts
rosewater for your facial astringent

I love finding out new things about life and what we can use the things the Lord has given us into
our everyday lives. That goes along with doing 2-3 loads of laundry today, cleaning up a tad for tomorrow being Sunday and having a day of rest and Father's Day.

I am also making potatoe salad for my hubby for tomorrow. I can't wait to give him his presents with my kids. He is getting a new pair of cotton pajama bottoms because we know Dad never buys himself things. Bath and Body Works had an awesome sale last week so he is getting shower gels; a new set of headphones so he can listen to his brass band music, and passion fruit tea and a StarBucks cold cup so I can make him Strawberry lemonade tea. We will plop him on the couch with his tea, nice comfy pajamas and rest! My husband is a pastor and is having a busy day, so when we get home, I want him to be comfortable and relaxed.

The rhubarb has grown huge, and I would love to get out there tonight (the sun is setting) and cut some up and make him a rhubarb crumble.

I'll blog about that recipe in the next couple of days.


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