Monday, January 30, 2012

Penant, Banner

A penant can go by many other names like a flag, a banner...

Today, people are into a new craft-the Penant

One of my most favorite things to create...I don't know why, but I love them.
They can be made in all different styles and shapes-triangles, rectangles, and this example I have made using a heart punch and then hand-tied each heart to antique twine. I hung longer strands of the twine with a heart at the end so that they would dangle.

I hung it from the mantle of my fireplace. Another pretty idea would be to hang it from your window and use it as a curtain. I know this style of white and delicate is so sophisticated and is done in the Netherlands decorating. I love white.

I also made a simple penant with the same heart stamp, and used decorative printed cardstock and am sending it to my mytstery muse in the Artbundance Class I am taking. I thought with it being Valentines Day and all, it might be fun to integrate a little gift with a token of love-the heart.

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