Friday, July 15, 2011

Michaels and coupons

See what I was able to get with Michael's coupons! My first set of illustration markers; no they are not copic, but they are good in their richness and deepness of color. I am waiting to use them for a couple of weeks till vacation so that they are special. I am going to doodle with my manga pen/markers and these beautiful colored markers. Check these inexpensive watercolor crayons too! If you are a mixed media and collage artist, inexpensive products are so much fun to work with and try out. The longer I am in the art community, the more supplies are made and the more there is online. It can get overwhelming. But I truly find that I resort to my same supplies anyway. So take note on a day that you are working on a journal page and after you use a medium, put it to the side. When you work on another piece of art, put that medium on the side. See if there is anything in common. Are they the same supplies? Gesso, black markers, white gel pen, colored pencils, gel medium, water soluble crayons and oil pastels, acrylic paints, papers, ephemera...How many of those stamps and punches do you use anyway. I like picking up the $1.00 stamps at Michaels, ACMoore and JoAnne's because I may use them a couple of times. If you have a friend, perhaps you could switch off your stamps every once in awhile to make use out of what you have. It is terrible the amount of money we spend for a variety and then they just sit there.
One of my friends daughters was trying to sell her stamp collection prior to her wedding because she had 3,000 stamps; and they were not the $1.00 ones either.

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