Friday, July 15, 2011

Collage Updating

I have been working on this collage for over a year. I love the individual pieces in it, and got to it today to add a few more elements. Working on how I am going to get it to integrate better. It will be unusual I think once I figure it out. I love the round circular spiral in the middle. I know if I add paint, I may ruin it. I want something with texture, I think maybe rusty, bumpy, coppery...I may have to daub, stencil or something. Maybe use texture paste with a copper color in some of the white spots. I just have to get what I want in the center. This collage is a bit different from many of mine because I usually have used alot of gesso, paint and watercolor pastels, but here are alot of papers and antique ephemera that for some reason I just don't have the conscious to be rid of. Maybe I am making this collage a bit too sacred. I should not be leary of touching it. Maybe it will take another year.

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