Saturday, March 7, 2015

Book Journal with Girly Cutie Faces and Mixed Media

 Love making a journal by buying a second hand book from Sally's  and gluing pages together with Ranger glue.  This particular journal is square which is so different, so many journals are rectangular, so I like the square.  Now, my steps are gesso in as I go.  Alot of people like gesso in the whole journal at one time, and then adding paints and inks before they begin to do special collages.  I actually like to wait, because my mood changes, and depending what is on my mind, I don't want to have the page prepared for possibly something else.  I do gesso most of the time, but I like to keep a change my possibility.

I have been finding some fun stickers, so this two page spread is somewhat based on the idea of the tea party, and different alphabet stickers.

The girl on the right was a head from a vintage children's book, but the little gal was blonde haired, and had a pouty attitude.  So I changed her up with black hair, freckles, green eyes and a bit more pleased and happy, maybe because she is having a cup of tea and pretty colored cupcakes.

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