Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free People

The designers that work for Free People are awesome artists. They make so many awesome artistic designs and decorating aspects for their store.

Let's get creative and do some of these ideas for our homes. Many of these things are made out of paper, card board, stencils, cardboard, pom poms, yarn, cotton fabrics, shiny sparkles.

So, I have working on my paper flower making to add to decorations in my house. I want to make some garlands to hang in my windows. Garlands are fun because they can be hung in front of those little white or colored Christmas lights. In the summer, you can hang the garlands along the trees and put a chair and candles and you have a little vacation spot to lift up your feet and snooze. I am already thinking about the summer. Hey, it is already time to start planting seeds in the house.

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