Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poland, Polish Traditions

Yes, by my title you can see I am polish.
Love Christmas time!
My family and I go to visit my mom and go to the Polish and Jewish bakeries and delie.
Bulkies, babpka bread, kielbasa, farmers cheese, white fish, herring....

Not like your typical steak and potatoes as you can see.

Manger scenes can be bought in cardboard, brightly colored along with a piece of bread that the head of the house breaks off and hands to each family member with a blessing.

I learned the technique of cutting and deboning the white fish from my dad as he would lick his fingers and make this face I can't describe as he enjoyed the delicious flavor of the smoked fish. So now I do it myself. Still not like when Dad did it though.

I don't have time to make pierogie's or guompkies this year but am trying to bake some cookies.

As long as we can make it to Water Street in Worcester to get our bulkies (rolls with seeds) and rye bread and fish, I'll be all set. Have to keep the tradition going.

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