Monday, November 1, 2010

Pottery Barn Getting Creative Part 2

I made my way to AJ Wrights the other day (like Marshalls) just to see if I could pick up a vase that looked like the one I found in Pottery Barn. It was yellow with little round handles on both sides of the vest. It was filled with pussy willow branches. A huge cornucopia was next to this Portuguese style pottery on a pedestal table in Pottery Barn. Determined to find a vase similar, was Marshalls, TJ Maxx or AJ Wrights. Voila and on sale too with the silk ferns included. Cornucopias can be found in the Salvation Army or second hand shops. They are an item people don't keep for long. Found one YAHOO!. My pottery and cornucopia ar much smaller to fit on my size table.

Pottery Barn just makes the table settings stunning. Maybe I can't have that qualilty of items for my home, but I am able to come up with similar ideas for my Thanksgiving Day table setting.

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