Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas candles

Playing with my candles, many many combos...
You try the same, use copper or bronze with silver, with zinc, or pewter, have candles burn with a glass urn, a candle from the Dollar Store,  candles are elegant, almost anything goes, mix colors of candles.  I am using only white for Christmas 2014 in my dining room because I want plain.

Don't think we designers get it right the first time.

Imitating Christmas Inspiration

Are you interested in pinterest and other people's exquisite blogs, and you just wish you could do something creative for your house?  Christmas is here and you want to be a bit different this year.  Pick on idea from the Christmas inspirations you see, pick just one, and try to copy it.

Today, I found my old bible and some vintage lace.  You may not have vintage, that is ok.  Take a thick book, rip off the cover, make a good cup of strong coffee or tea, and rub the book with the coffee or tea.  Do it on the edges of the book, the binding and the first few pages and the last couple.  Let it dry.  In a hurry, take your blow dryer and dry it.  Dip your ribbon or lace in the coffee or tea too.  When dyed to the darkness in color that you like, and dried, wrap it around the book or tie it.  If you have twine, or a thin rope, wrap that too.  Add a Christmas post card on top of the book, then tie it.

This makes a beautiful gift too to a friend that may have everything, but needs a bit of something different for their house.