Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three is a Crowd or is IT?

 Mixture of doodling, painting, scripture and just loads of fun on Monday nights.  Missed Tracy this Monday and I can see that it is starting to become my date-nite working on flowers; the type of art I would not normally do, but because it is out of my zone, I am enjoying it.  I need to simplify though.  Most of my work is always jam packed; kind of like how I decorate my house too!

loads of stuff, especially cream stuff, lace stuff, antique stuff, junk stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff:)

Watercolor pencils, Acrylic and Buttons at Tracy's Monday Night Special

I AM collage from Tracy's Monday night class

It is so awesome to be able to have a regular routine of painting, drawing and collage at Tracy's Monday Night class.  Life is so busy, so tough at times, that I look forward to sitting down and doing what I love so much, and I also get to do a different technique that Tracy teaches, and think on scriptures that go along with my work.  I loved this one because God calls HIMSELF the Great I AM.