Thursday, February 17, 2011

Decorating FirePlace Mantels

Here are two of my mantels (mantle's) that were decorated one way, now they are decorated another style. Stay tuned.


Are not you not feeling inspired? Well, just look ahead on my blog, take your time and enjoy. Look at what professional artists are doing. You don't have to copy them exact. But you certainly can enjoy and come up with your own ideas. No, this is not plagerizing. You are coming out with your own idea.

For instance, instead of sketching the human with clothing outfits on, maybe you love animals and want to make sketches of animals and attach them to your wall. Maybe you can make a garland of snowflakes or make many snowflakes and staple them together to make a long sheet of them and use origami paper so there will be color and staple into your window frame and use instead of a curtain. You see what I mean? Fun stuff!


Here is some sketching done by artists hung up in a clothing store in the Prudential Center. So.....keep practicing, and hang up your sketches all over a wall, you know, one of those little nooks in your home. Hang up a simple wreath made of greenery over the pictures, and now you have your new wall design, new wallpaper.

Free People

The designers that work for Free People are awesome artists. They make so many awesome artistic designs and decorating aspects for their store.

Let's get creative and do some of these ideas for our homes. Many of these things are made out of paper, card board, stencils, cardboard, pom poms, yarn, cotton fabrics, shiny sparkles.

So, I have working on my paper flower making to add to decorations in my house. I want to make some garlands to hang in my windows. Garlands are fun because they can be hung in front of those little white or colored Christmas lights. In the summer, you can hang the garlands along the trees and put a chair and candles and you have a little vacation spot to lift up your feet and snooze. I am already thinking about the summer. Hey, it is already time to start planting seeds in the house.

Gift Wrapping Ribbon and Stenciling

Paper Cutting-Snowflakes

I never found cutting snowflakes to be easy, and then I saw this paper cutting at Free People at the Prudential Center in Boston. Wow! Love it, so elegant and delicate.
Today, I am seeing many people into paper cutting, making flowers out of paper, garlands out of paper...

Art Studio table

Nice and clean. I have to clean my room all of the time. This is not the way it looks today. Maybe tomorrow? nah!

Decorating with Everything

I love to decorate and sometimes I find myself expressing myself in decorating more than per say art work. I so want to draw and paint, but I want to change the house for the seasons. The thing I am stuck on is the decision of painting my walls and what colors. I have one color; a light aqua blue for my hall way, but beats me for the kitchen and living room. Both rooms I started to paint and left because I didn't like the colors. I am always changing things and love shabby chic, folk art grunge, french country and beach. So I am basically writing down the colors that go with those and see what colors are in common:
Shabby Folk Art French Beach
white burgundy/red white white
cream tan/cream cream/tan cream
pink pink
aqua aqua aqua
minty green forest green brighter green minty green
pastel violet
black yellows

I see white, aqua, a type of green, peachy pink.
Oh boy, choices. My kids are sick of white and yes it does get dirty,but there is something so cleansing about it. I find myself mixing and then find I am ecclectic.

Well, I figured I would show you some of the projects I worked on the last couple of months; ATC's using burlap, jewels, antique photos, crystals, chicken wire, antique furniture, a side to a crib for the bathroom, decorating candles for the bathroom, silver (small antique pieces).

Always looking for a small something that is inexpensive and recycable to use to decorate and then way, when you want to make changes, you have not spent alot to change. I always find myself packing stuff in boxes, and then going back a few months and pulling it out again, using it again in a new way and picking up a few new things. I have about 37 rubbermaid containers in the barn. I have gone through an dgone through my stuff, I have had about ten yard sales with my church and still have stuff. Lately I have been painting my furniture going from black to white. Re-doing my mantles in my house almost every three months to change with seasons and holidays.

I always wanted fireplaces in my house and found one on freecycle and one on the side of the road. Asking my husband and a friend to lift the fireplace and place in our van, they were willing. They are like large shelves with little alcoves below to decorate too. Debating whether to decoupage the inside of the fireplace in my living room. It was brick and a natural wood. I of course painting it white. I have already decoupaged my bread box that had a rooster on it and I debated. It now wears french papers. Love it.

Decorating with Burlap, ATC's, fabrics, jewels, antiques, chicken wire