Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Paulette Insall

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

White Fish Just as I like it at Christmas Time

Poland, Polish Traditions

Yes, by my title you can see I am polish.
Love Christmas time!
My family and I go to visit my mom and go to the Polish and Jewish bakeries and delie.
Bulkies, babpka bread, kielbasa, farmers cheese, white fish, herring....

Not like your typical steak and potatoes as you can see.

Manger scenes can be bought in cardboard, brightly colored along with a piece of bread that the head of the house breaks off and hands to each family member with a blessing.

I learned the technique of cutting and deboning the white fish from my dad as he would lick his fingers and make this face I can't describe as he enjoyed the delicious flavor of the smoked fish. So now I do it myself. Still not like when Dad did it though.

I don't have time to make pierogie's or guompkies this year but am trying to bake some cookies.

As long as we can make it to Water Street in Worcester to get our bulkies (rolls with seeds) and rye bread and fish, I'll be all set. Have to keep the tradition going.

Baby Crib-New Use

I love using old things or different things for different purposes.
Sooooooooo, I picked up pieces of a baby's crib this summer and stored it in my barn with everything else:)

For Christmas, as I was decorating and trying to do it simply but a bit different, I brought in the crib piece and hung it in the bathroom. Took down the wreath, added a vintage crochet piece for a bow, a small angel statue and candle on the toilet and VOILA.

Christmas Wreath-Fabric Scraps and Vintage Elements

I saw this idea of a burlap wreath. Once I started making this wreath, I added muslin fabric, medical gauze tape, and vintage pearls, and vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces.

The burlap came in when I began to make the bow and layered it with muslin strips

Collage Edition-my newest little piece

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cast Iron muffin tin

Cast Iron Muffin Tin is this year's Christmas decoration on my counter. Some little white votives, rose hips from my garden and some greens.

Shabby chic Christmas Wreath

Covered a styrofoam base with wool batting, linen fabric, crystals, pearls, vintage jewelry, and burlap.

Ooo, I love burlap.

Just died a bunch of it today for pillows

Chaulkboard Paint and its uses

Painted a splotch of black chaulkboard paint to the cheap silver bucket.
Wrote Jesus on it with chaulk and stuck a little Charlie Brown Tree in it

shabby chic platter

Working on this inexpensive silver platter. Used 123 Primer first, then I will be finishing with acryic paints and decoupage.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Peeks of my Thanksgiving Day Home

Tidy and Cleaned up Home Studio

After adding the wonderful 54" art table, I sorted and cleaned up everything. Removed a long bureau to have the table take it's place. Love it! What a shame I may be moving now. Now I have to go through all of my supplies again to pack. I will probably not have a chance to have a room like this. Don't know where we are moving yet.

Worth the Take

Got the table, my son lugged it in the house (he is amazing) and now I scrub off the paint that the other family put on it with a non scratch pad. Cleaned up pretty well. Threw on a nice crochet table cloth on it, and then again, I may not keep the cloth on it.

Architecture Table and Home Studio

I got this fabulous table for free. It is 54 inches which you don't think is big when you say the number, but boy, when you get it and try to lift it, "Wow".
I set it up so that three sides of it can be used. One side is for beading, one side is for collage, paper cutting, gluing etc. the other side is for sewing. I desire to start adding some sewing into my work.

Well, now that it is all set up, organized, I may be moving now. Ugh!